Handmade Shea Butter Soap Tutorial

Making homemade soap is so much fun!  Today I’m going to share with you how to make shea butter soap the easy way.  Homemade soap makes a perfect gift, and my kids love helping pick out the different color and scent combinations.  I love that there are so many possibilities!


Shea Butter Soap Supplies:

shea-butter-soap-Darice-1 First, you need to find a microwavable glass measuring cup that you can pour from.  Once you use this for making soap, however, it needs to be strictly used for crafts, and not for food anymore.  Cut along the scores lines on the soap base so that you have small squares of soap.  Add the desired amount of soap base to the glass measuring cup.  I used 10 squares at a time, which worked great for me.

shea-butter-soap-Darice-3 Follow the directions on the package to microwave the soap.  Once the soap is completely melted, stir in the coloring and oil scent until you get the result that you would like.  The color is pretty true to color, so what you see in the melted soap is what the finished soap color will be.  I added between 20-30 drops of color and about 20 drops of scent.

Make sure that the mixture is completely mixed, and carefully pour the liquid soap into the desired molds.  I poured slowly to help reduce the air bubbles.  Fill the mold completely to the top.

shea-butter-soap-Darice-4 Once each mold is filled, gently tap on the plastic mold to release any air bubbles in the soap.

Now comes the hard part- waiting!  Wait until the soap is completely cooled and hardened.  Flip the soap mold upside down, and carefully pop out the soap.

You can also layer some different colors in the same bar of soap for an ombre look.  Just pour the lighter color first for the top layer, and let it cool.  Melt more soap, and then pour a darker layer over that.  Let cool, and repeat!

shea-butter-soap-Darice-5 For the flower molds, it looks really pretty to use two different colors.  Simply melt and pour one color just in the flower portion of the mold, and let cool completely.  Then melt and pour the second color, and fill up the soap mold.  Let cool, and you have a beautiful two toned bar of shea butter soap.

shea-butter-soap-Darice-6 Wasn’t that easy?  You can also customize your shea butter soap by adding additives such as seeds, oats, etc.

shea-butter-soap-Darice-7 And now you have bars of homemade shea butter soap to keep or give away as gifts!


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  1. Diane says

    I have been wanting to do some soap with a loofa bar in it and then cutting it up. However, the dye, the fragrance, and the container to put it in all cost more than a one time thing that I want to do. So I found out I could use a can that is the same size to melt the soap and then use my coupons for the fragrance and dye color. I can’t wait to try it as I have never made soap before.

    • says

      Yes, give it a try Diane! It’s very easy to do, and so much fun to customize each bar! I’ve also used round plastic yogurt containers, and thos work great too, because you can cut the plastic right off the soap once it’s cooled. Happy soap making!!


  1. […] I know looks are not everything, BUT when you see an amazing photo like this it just draws you in. I want to make soap right now! I had purchased all my supplies about a year ago ready to take on the soaping world with my kids at my side. I am still trying to find the time and my shea butter has turned rancid. If you have time then don’t delay start making these lovely soothing shea butter soaps. Full tutorial here. […]

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