School Year DIY Time Capsule


My son started kindergarten last year and it’s amazing to see just how different he was from the first to the last day. He looked like a little baby compared to the big kid at the end of the school year. He’s entering 1st grade next month and I thought it would be fun to… 

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Back to School Themed Homemade Coasters


Can you believe it’s time to think about back to school already? I know some kids on year-round school that have already gone back! Today I thought it would be fun to show you how easy these back to school homemade coasters are to make. These would make such a fun back to school teacher… 

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Personalized Hand Sanitizer DIY Teacher Gift


I am always so grateful for teachers. Let’s be honest, grade school teachers spend more time each day with my kids during the school year than I do. I like to find ways to express my thanks to the good teachers that have influenced my kids for the better. This DIY teacher gift is practical,… 

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Crocheted Hemp Scrubbies Pattern


I really think that there are few things in this world grosser than an old smelly sponge. Do you agree? Just the idea of trying to clean with something full of germs is high on my yuck scale. Well, good news! Today I have a much prettier, natural alternative for you all – crocheted hemp scrubbies! Did… 

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Get Organized With a Dry Erase DIY Calendar


I am determined to start this school year out organized! We have a family calendar for appointments and vacations but my daughter needed something just for her deadlines, due dates and school activities at a glance. I wanted to make a DIY calendar that she would actually be excited about using. Of course this means that… 

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How to Make Gel Candles: Ocean Themed


I love all things summer and love finding new ways to preserve my summer memories.  An easy way to do that is by making an ocean gel candle! The cool thing about gel candles is that you can see right through them, so unlike traditional candle wax, you can see items that are put inside the wax…. 

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How-to: DIY Fringe Hoop Earrings


Make a pair of statement earrings perfect for summer with this DIY fringe hoop earrings tutorial! Fringe is totally in style right now and what better way to rock them this summer than with a pair of fringe hoops in pretty summer colors. This DIY is fast, fun and can be easily completed in under… 

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